The Illicit Series


•BOOK 1•

How many mistakes does it take to ruin you? How many lies can a person tell before you see them for who they are?

Mia Johnson blew me away in more ways than I could count. Her body. Her taste. Her need. However, her poisonous past started to affect me, and I knew what that meant–what needed to be done. Still, I was never a man who listened to reason.

This time I should have.

My name is Wesley Black, and this story may be twisted, but this woman is mine.


•BOOK 2•

Wesley Black was a man who was off limits to me for obvious reasons, but I moved closer to him anyways­­­–Indulged myself in his dangerous touch. Skillful hands. Sensual mouth.

Then reality slapped me in the face. My past suddenly snuck its way back into my life. The lies. The truths. The regret. The memories.

Sometimes you don’t really see the truth until it’s too late.

I can attest to that.

My name is Mia Johnson and this is not a love story.